Sunday, March 10, 2013

Caught in a Publisher's Web

     Not long ago I wrote a piece for the Criminal Element website that detailed a nightmarish experience I had years ago with a publisher who accepted my novel SPIDERS AND FLIES.  Since then of course I've found a reputable publisher for the book, but recently I've been reading a number of articles about how the publishing world in general is getting yet harsher for writers.  The Science Fiction Writers of America, for example, recently declared that the new Random House ebook imprint Hydra does not meet its minimum standards for a qualifying market because Hydra's contact does not offer an advance.  In addition, Hydra tries to shift to the author costs traditionally borne by the publisher.  Writers who are eager to see their work in print are always vulnerable targets for publishers looking to take advantage, and I think it's useful for all writers to share any cautionary tales they may have about publishers. In that spirit, I've decided to link this blog to my post about my experience dealing with a scam publisher.  In any event, if nothing else, I think it makes for a good story.
     You can read the whole story here:

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