Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Story in THUGLIT Issue Six

No introduction needed to THUGLIT, Todd Robinson's great crime fiction magazine.  Issue six just came out, and my story, "Come on Home", is in it.

Every issue of THUGLIT is chock-full of murder, robbery, mayhem, scheming, and vices too numerous to mention.  There is lowdown criminal activity to suit every crime reader palate.  With this issue, I'm happy to be part of a lineup that includes Kieran Shea, BH Shepherd, Rena Robinett, Jessica Adams, T Fox Dunham, Hugh Lessig, and Aaron Fox Lerner.

The issue's available at Amazon in two forms: the paperback edition and the Kindle edition.  The Kindle version's only 99 cents.  Great price for some damn good stories. You can check the issue out here: THUGLIT Issue Six.

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