Friday, August 23, 2013

Noir at the Bar V

A couple of pics from Noir at the Bar V, held a few days ago at Shade Bar in Greenwich Village. 

With Glenn Gray and Todd "Thuglit" Robinson hosting and a bunch of superb writers reading, the night was a blast.

Here's the entire crew: Thomas Pluck, Gerald So, Charlie Stella, Glenn Gray, Suzanne Solomon, Jack Getze, Teel James Glenn, Big Daddy Thug, myself, Bradley Sands.

I heard a wonderful array of styles from all the writers, and it was great to meet a number of new people. The Patron Tequila I spent drinking as the night wore on didn't hurt either.  That's my second Noir at the Bar at Shade in the past 3 months, and both have been the most enjoyable experiences. 

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