Thursday, August 14, 2014


Well, it's pub day for my novella JUNGLE HORSES.  It's now available exclusively from Broken River Books online. The price?  99 cents. Who can beat that?  

And you can get it right here:

Broken River Books

Arthur lives a quiet life in London, wandering from the bar to the racetrack and back again. When his pension check dries up, Arthur decides to win it all back with one last big bet at the bookie. When that falls through, Arthur borrows money and repeats the process, until he's in too deep with a vicious gang of leg-breakers.

The plan to save his skin will take him far from his home, to a place where a very different breed of horse will change his life forever.

“A hothouse combination of noir and fantasy, Jungle Horses is a viscerally strange tale that refuses to settle into any predictable pattern. It’s an intense and suspenseful ride into unknown territory, mapping out unusual psychological states and sinister landscapes. Scott Adlerberg makes it hang together seamlessly, the way that only the best nightmares can.” -Jeff Jackson, author of Mira Corpora

"Adlerberg is a master of deadpan noir with seamless plotting, and Jungle Horses is his best yet." - Jason Starr, international bestselling author of Wolverine Max and The Pack

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