Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Midwest Book Review has reviewed SPIDERS AND FLIES, with reviewer Stephen Upjohn saying some complimentary things about it:

“A handful of eccentric characters are drawn together in an ever-tightening plot towards an unnerving denouement. Set primarily on the island of Martinique, Spiders and Flies offers us an abundance of richly evocative details of that island. At the same time, it plunges us into the dark inner landscapes of characters pursuing their own pleasures regardless of the consequences. As the story unfolds, the darkness and the beauty mingle, creating a heady reading experience. You won’t forget this book, for the horror evoked by Scott Adlerberg’s fiction has the disturbing ring of truth.”

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pynchon's Private Eye Novel

What happens when a unique literary giant (and one of my all time favorite writers) puts out a private eye novel?  Does he dumb down his work or produce a lite version of himself? Not when he's Thomas Pynchon he doesn't.  I recently read his most recent novel, 2009's INHERENT VICE, and I liked it so much I felt compelled to write a little piece about it.  You can read it in the current "issue" of the Thrilling Detective website where I have the gall to defend Pynchon's 60's era PI opus.

Check it out here: Thrilling Detective.