Saturday, April 30, 2016


I have a new 13k-word story out called SUMMERFIELD"S FILM.  It's a story about film obsession set in New York City.  It's up on Amazon now, and I may as well let the description of the story that's there do the talking:

Now that he's a stay at home father in New York, taking care of the baby while his wife works, Tyler can't get out to the movies often. On one of his rare theater outings, something unexpected happens.  He stumbles across the famous director K.M. Summerfield.  Once prolific, now a recluse, the filmmaker vanished from public view years ago after he went blind.  No one knows where he's been living, and nobody knows what happened to the legendary film he supposedly made just before he lost his sight.  It's said he made a horror film, but nobody can be sure.

Thrilled about the encounter, Tyler hatches a plan.  If he can get his hands on that unseen film, if he can release it to the world, he'll be a hero to film fanatics everywhere.  Still, something seems off to Tyler.  Is he playing Summerfield as he thinks, or is the once great director, for reasons of his own, playing him?

Amazon e-book link.

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  1. Dear Mr. Adlerberg,

    Your piece on writer Boris Vian was terrific, especially the section on his I Spit On Your Graves, etc.I even went to amazon to try and buy a copy of it, but the seller wanted way too much for it. Did order a paperback copy of your "psycho noir" Graveyard Love. I dabble in the genre myself from time to time. Would love to send you a copy, should you be interested. Here is a link, to give you a better idea of the novel itself: